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Welcome to 302 3D Design Co.

302 3D Design Co. is a Delaware based design company, dedicated to providing the best quality designs for sheet metal and machinable parts and assemblies. With 20+ years experience providing designs and technical drawings, and 8 years SolidWorks experience, we aim to provide exactly the part you are looking for. We can assist in concept development and aid in production manufacturing.

Every design made for you will be fully 3D modelled and provided with full technical drawings to aid in the manufacturing of your part or assembly.

Some small scale 3D printing services can be provided in house. 3D printing is excellent for providing proof of concept. Our current 3D printer is a FDM style printer that utilizes PLA and PETG (plastic) filaments and can print up to approximately 12" x 12" x 14" parts. Outsourcing for larger prints can be arranged if needed.

We can now offer 3D Scanning services as well.  We have teamed up with the guys at The Metal Shop, from Delmar, DE to provide scanning services, from small parts up to large items including complete cars and more.

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